Where is the best coffee? And the best croissants?

It is known that La Biela is one of the most extraordinary bars in Latin America, according to specialized media, portals and customers. It is difficult for us to define ourselves with these concepts many times, despite we work every day to have an excellent service, our humility places us on firm ground, in time and form, and we do not dare to express ourselves in such a way.

Anyway, we are aware of our great variety in cafeteria; Viennese coffee, Irish, calypso, Madrid, Parisian, Paris, decaffeinated, double, cappuccino and many others, which allow opinions to be directed to highlight the importance of these products.

And beginning the year, we went over some of the thousands of grades that come to us every day. from different users of different digital platforms related to gastronomy, and we have noticed that certain compliments are repeated. Are the best coffee and the best croissants in La Biela?

We decided to share with you some of them from the renowned “Tripadvisor”
Mariansan55: “The best croissants in the world”
RaktimRay: “One of the most elegant but quiet and complete breakfast places I’ve been in a long time”
V7583HOmariac: “The place is lovely, ideal for coffee or something fast”
Lorena B: “Some croissants and a” tear “or coffee with milk. Really great everything and the attention is perfect”
Larvatus: “Coffee is excellent with decent prices for a European”
TacianaLorenzi: “A tasty coffee with milk”
j_niorp277: “Suggestion, coffee with croissants”

Is it because of the quality of the raw material? For the experience? Or because we have a professional “barista” and the only one qualified to do so? Or maybe it is an appropriate combination of all this? The truth is that they are saying foreign tourists and many national residents, that in La Biela, is the best coffee. A Notable Coffee.

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