“The memory of the Argentine boys, faces cultural changes”

According to a study published by Argentine researchers in the journal Behavioural Neurology, the waiters in Argentina have a methodology to remember, which allows them to take orders at different tables and deliver the dishes without making mistakes.

Today, culture and generational changes have led us to live absolutely accelerated. Everything is NOW, FAST and IMMEDIATE. How many of us have even lost the ability to remember phone numbers because we know that a device will do it for us?

Given this situation, there are still individuals who have the ability to remember and retain a great deal of information. The professional waiters of La Biela, some with 40 years of experience, are examples of this.

But how do they do it?
This same question was asked for many years by Facundo Manes himself, neuroscientist, creator of the Institute of Cognitive Neurology, president of the INECO Foundation, former rector of the Favaloro University and director of the Favaloro Foundation Institute of Neurosciences. The eminence of Neuroscience wondered how it could be that Argentine boys remembered so many requests without writing down.

“Apparently, after years of training, they learn to build a mental map that links their clients’ faces with a place at the table. And this was determined by a study, which was so innovative that other researchers describe it as “experimental anthropology” or “social neuropsychology” because, instead of taking the boys to a laboratory, as is usually done, they managed to elucidate their cognitive processes “Live”.”

On the other hand, for Diego Golombek, a researcher in neurosciences and circadian rhythms, who did not participate in the work, the research shows that young men use a spatial memory strategy rather than face recognition.

Biela´s Waiters
“The most important thing in memory is to want the work you do. Loving your trade is essential to learn how to exercise memory and retain orders. ”

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