The competition of the bars with more than 100 years, in front of the new concepts”

Trends always exist, some partially mutate, others are completely transformed. One part of consumers follows them and others not so much. The last decade, a moment in history where the proposal of the new bars emerges, that seek to be different but that on the horizon find equality.

The goal is to make a difference and propose something different to get detached from fashion, which by the way are temporary. And this at the moment, according to our visitors, is better understood by the historical sites like “La Biela”, which retain their identity and concept.

At some point it happened, we probably do not know when or how, but the truth is that in the world everything accelerated and reaches speeds that make many people dizzy. Everything is fast, everything is already, everything is now. And this is also reflected in the gastronomy. The concepts fast food, and on-tap stimulate society to self-service, eat standing or on uncomfortable sidewalks and without comfort. Apparently you don’t have time. Everything is done now and we don’t know why. A maelstrom that pushes to choose quickly and not give us a space for reflection or to taste an elaborate dish.

Some new well-known bars or restaurants live day by day with the urgency, both economical and the value of the product-service. Others for their part have been more than 100 or 150 years. And what is the key to this emblematic Recoleta house? Trends pass, open and close businesses, but those capable of maintaining a methodology with a different and firm proposal, we keep, we move forward with pride.

Security in the proposal provided, maximum quality of raw material, professionalism in the table service, good atmosphere and an excellent location. An equation of elements that later translates into stories, memories and positive thoughts of our clients

La Biela

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