Adolfo Bioy Casares (Biography)

Adolfo Bioy Casares (Buenos Aires, September 15, 1914 – March 8, 1999) was an Argentine writer who frequented fantastic, police literature and scientific fiction.

He is considered one of the most important writers of the Latin American country and gives literature in Spanish, received by Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1981, or Alfonso Reyes International Award, or Miguel de Cervantes Award (both in 1990) and Konex from Brillante in 1994. Collaborated several times with Jorge Luis Borges on different pseudonyms. She was the husband of writer Silvina Ocampo.

In 1932, he met Jorge Luis Borges at Villa Ocampo, Victoria Ocampo’s home located in the San Isidro Ravines, where the writer used to host international cultural figures and organize cultural meetings.

He wrote his first story, Iris and Margarita, at age eleven. He participated in part of his secondary studies at the Free Institute of Second Teaching of the University of Buenos Aires. So he started and left the careers of law, philosophy and letters

His awards and distinctions include the 1975 SADE Grand Prix of Honor, the 1981 French Legion of Honor, his appointment as the Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires in 1986. The Cervantes Award and the Alfonso Reyes International Award in 1990 and the Konex Bright Award in 1994.

Movies based on his works

  • Oribe’s Crime (1950): Based on the story The Snow Perjury by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson in co-direction with his father, Leopoldo Torres Ríos.
  • Last year in Marienbad (L’Année Dernière à Marienbad (1961)), directed by Alain Resnais, screenplay by Alain Robbe-Grillet, based on The Invention of Morel.
  • L’Invenzione di Morel (Morel’s invention), directed by Emidio Greco, written by Andrea Barbato (1974) Italy.
  • The Pork War (1975) Argentina, based on the novel Journal of the Pork War, directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilson.
  • The dream of heroes (1997), directed by Sergio Renán.
  • Sleeping in the Sun (2012), directed by Alejandro Chomski.
  • Those Who Love, Hate (2017), directed by Alejandro Maci.


  • In the fourth episode of the fourth season of the television series Lost, one of the main characters, is reading The Invention of Morel; The creators of the series are fans of the book and the work has been awarded as inspiration for the series.
  • In Rorschach’s book Las musas, Javier Casis Arín’s story “Dear Luisa” serves as a background to Morel’s invention, while in the story “Rozman’s Motives” Bioy Casares appears as a character.
  • Since September 22, 2011, a passage in front of Plaza Intendente Alvear is reminiscent of Bioy Casares. Before joining Eduardo Schiaffino Street, it borders the block where the writer lived most of his life in Posadas 1650.

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